Black and Green Viper Sleeping Bag Kit + Aluminized EVA Thermal Insulator – Nautika

The Black and Green Viper Sleeping Bag Kit + Nautika Aluminized EVA Thermal Insulation, has been on the market for more than 40 years. It’s perfect for anyone looking for comfort, functionality and great performance. Ideal for camping and hiking, this is a combo that you can not miss in your luggage. Check out:

Black and Green Viper Sleeping Bag

Black and Green Viper Sleeping Bag Kit + Aluminized EVA Thermal Insulator – Nautika

In order to provide unforgettable moments for you and your family, VentureShop brings products that will surprise you in quality, endurance and durability!

Therefore, the Black and Green Viper Sleeping Bag Kit + EVA Aluminized Thermal Insulation, is ideal for those who want functionality and great performance in their outdoor activities.

With a modern envelope design with sarcophagus, the Viper Sleeping Bag ensures total comfort and is perfect for use in cold/medium temperatures (5 ° C to 12 ° C).

Produced in 190T polyester resins with polyurethane, it has internal cotton fabric (PolyCotton) and Hollow-Fiber filling 200g/m2, providing softness and lightness for your nights sleep.

What’s more, thinking of greater comfort, it features a built-in curved hood, half zipper and an excellent carrying case for safe conversation and transportation. product.

Essential to complement the comfort of Viper, the EVA Aluminized Thermal Insulator is responsible for preventing the transfer of cold from the soil to the body.

Super lightweight, non-toxic and reflective laminate, this is an indispensable product for days in the woods!

For better transport, it has 2 elastics, ideal to keep the product compact so that it does not occupy much space.

Quality products Nautika , a brand that has been active in the market for more than 40 years, stands out with more than 3 thousand items divided into the segments of leisure, camping , fishing , tactical and outdoor , that guarantee optimum performance, functionality and durability.